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Protect Your Assets with
Life & Casualty Protection Planning from Zack Self

Your anti-procrastination button

Click here for a low-pressure, high-value conversation to lay the building blocks for a stable retirement.

Leave a legacy

Learn how to provide for loved ones before you die.

Get the facts

Learn how to ensure the money you've earned or inherited is protected from market volatility and low-interest rates.

Building Connections

Zack began his career in Asheville, NC in a small family business co-founded and run by his father, George Self. He served as account manager and copywriter for some of the nation's largest financial, industrial and technology companies, and laterhigh-tech startups. 

Along the way Zack bought, managed, and sold rental properties, heard many tragic stories from clients and colleagues unprepared for retirement, cared for aged, loved ones, and endured more than his fair share of "puppy days." 

Now he brings his business focus and personal experience to bear with practical financial solutions for people only vaguely aware of what retirement or unexpected illness will mean to them -- and their families.

If you are older than 50, you and Zack should meet.

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