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Why copywriting?

You need a copywriter to increase sales and customers at the lowest possible cost.

Copywriting is an old marketing profession

Judith Charles said, “A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.” Now, 40+ years later we sell behind computer keyboard.

👨 +  ⌨️ = 💰


Copywriters make the effort that business owners can’t afford to make. They create selling copy that places 100 percent emphasis on how the reader [or listener] will come out ahead by doing business with you.

As a result, copywriting is a business asset. It helps to make customers and increase revenue.

Why copywriting and not content development?

A copywriter is a marketing and sales professional. A content developer fills in blanks.

Copywriters create concepts and create copy that doesn't exist from ideas and goals. Content developers use what is already available to fill in the blanks and add to what copywriters design.

Words that sell don’t come easily. They require more than just information about the business and its services; a message that sells requires a profound sense of people and their motivations. A copywriter earns a living through knowing people and figuring out how to connect people to business value.

Copywriter : Content Developer :: Doctor : Pharmacist

Just as a pharmacist doesn’t practice medicine, a content developer doesn’t apply himself to selling by typewriter. The skills required to be a copywriter are broader and deeper and require obsessive focus on the customer benefit and customer point-of-view.

​There are writers, and there are copywriters. Writers can produce fictional and non-fictional pieces, magazine articles and books, annual reports, essays, and analyses. Copywriters write to sell. They have a concrete objective to make the cash register ring. 

  • ​If you need to entertain, amuse, or inform, you may need a writer.

  • If you need to sell entertainment, information, or a product or service, you need a copywriter.

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What it's like to work with a copywriter

When you work with a good copywriter, be prepared to talk about your business and explain how it works and what it does. No details are too small. Very often it is the small things that make for big campaign ideas. 

Copywriters will want to know how the sausage gets made, what makes it great, and why customers get interested in buying it. They will need to know these things in concrete terms, not vague abstractions. Not because they will reveal those facts but because such details will help them understand key concepts and value propositions. 


Remember, the job of a copywriter is to bring 100% of the focus to why a prospect will be better off spending money with you. That obsession is fueled by facts.

Is Copywriting by AI for you?

Some of the new Artificial Intelligence tools are amazing! Can they write to sell, and replace human copywriting? One day soon, perhaps, yes. But not now.


Marketing is a human-contact business. Copywriters have to know, really know, people and human behaviors, in order to persuade their attention and their wallet. 


Sure, businesses can get a quick sale by artifice. They can fool some of the people some of the time, and there are occasions where such a strategy is a smart play.


But more often businesses must sound authentic if they won’t be authentic. 


Right now, AI-generated text doesn’t meet a commercial standard for B2B marketing.

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