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How to Stop Brute-force Selling

I help eliminate 2 of the 3 reasons why companies force themselves on customers:

  1. Bad copy. Your message won't sell.

  2. Bad positioning. Your market isn't buying.

  3. Bad product. You shouldn't be selling the current version of your product.

Help your sales team win business with a more thoughtful go-to-market strategy. Hire me to fix your copy and/or your marketing strategy.

By the way, if you have a bad product or one that used to get better market traction, I can help you think about new ways of marketing it. 

Marketing is supposed to win business.


If you are fighting to find and close every deal, you're not alone.


A lot of companies let too many well-meaning people dilute their marketing. Which puts the business into a position of weakness. And is why the sales team is so battle-fatigued.

Train marketing campaigns for business strength with a Positioning Statement.


Your positioning statement should be a marketing message custom-designed to push customers' buttons. A positioning statement demands a disciplined, factual approach to the target market and the business realities. If there is no great positioning statement, the marketing strategy is seriously flawed. 


Close your positioning statement gap.


Business is better - in every way - when the company is doesn't have to hit customers in the face with a sales pitch. 

* Sales people don't struggle so much to close deals.

* The owner gets to enjoy a vacation once in a while.(Which is really good for morale.)

* The competition expends time and money competing against the juggernaut that is you.

What is a positioning statement? It is a simple statement about your market and service that is the foundation of all your sales materials, from web site to sales enablement documents. It is designed to keep you distinctly placed in the minds of your target market and keep your message on-point, no matter where it is read or heard, no matter who or what is conveying it (sales team, content developers, vendors, et al).

There's a lot of science behind positioning statements.


You could probably do your own positioning statement, or staff it out. But I find that people close to your company think more about the politics of how your company works than they think about how people need what it sells. They are too close to the trees to perceive the forest.

Win the business you want.


Design a marketing strategy with the words people want to hear.

I'm a professional copywriter. My job is to help you:


  1. Stop telling targets what you think they want to hear.

  2. Explain why you matter in terms that matter to your market.

  3. Put out the Welcome Mat.

My goal: I want you to earn money from people who want to spend it; I want to get the right people asking for your business. 


Hire me for copywriting custom-designed to attract the right kind of business for your company.

Content developers throw words at a market hoping for a click.

Copywriters design content to win a customer.

Which would you rather have?

Yeah, but...

"Send me samples"

Sure. Just know that,

  • everything I do is custom. The market situation, the client, and the target are all different from yours-- often drastically so.

  • the samples I send will mean nothing without their Genesis story. So let me send samples during our conference once we've talked about my prior work that is most relevant to your situation.

"You don't know my industry."

True. Chances are you don't know my trade, either.


Copywriting is a creative science that transcends industry boundaries. It is a process that should be applied inside any enterprising entity.

"I can't afford you."

My goal is to bring you an ROI >10x. I help clients earn $100,000 more than expected in the the next 12 months and I only bill $10k - once..


But that's out of revenue. What does it cost for the sales people to waste their time on the wrong prospect? How much do you stand to make if you can shave 30 days off your Time-to-Close metric?

My copywriting will make you money. 

"ChatGPT is pretty good."

Yep. It feels almost human. Like that person you and I both know who gets promoted over more qualified and likeable people.


ChatGPT does its job. It has sold a lot of people on itself. But it won't sell them on you.


For that you need less artifice and more organic chemistry-- and reference links.

"I need an SEO expert."

Probably. But first you need to think about selling humans, not search engine robots. I believe taking the ground for human persuasion is ground you need to take first. For lots of reasons we can talk about.

(After you click the button.)

Choose the Right Next Step.

  1. Call me at 828-230-2824 to talk about your revenue goals.

  2. Schedule a meeting at 

  3. Email your preferred contact details to

  4. Click the button below. 

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