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I won't go into radio silence. I set realistic delivery dates and meet them 9 times out of 10.


I bill $100/hr with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


I have more professional  resources built-in than many small businesses.


I write for a living. I take naps. I don't sit at my desk with Slack pulling my strings. I practice better-than-average IT Security.



I have bandwidth. I try to set realistic delivery dates and meet them 9 out of 10 times. 

I know how frustrating it is to try to work with untrustworthy or uncommunicative freelancers—I’m not one of them. 

If I’m in a ditch or under-performing I will tell you in advance. I won’t hide from my mental blocks or delays and I won’t avoid your calls/texts/emails. 

I will be proactive in my communication.



My terms are Net Upon Receipt.


I bill once a month even if the project takes a small portion of that time. I bill $100 per hour with a 5-hour minimum for new clients. My rate is negotiable at volume.


In compliance with NC usury laws, I charge the full late fee of 18% on the 32nd day past due. I do not charge 1.5% monthly allotments because as my invoice amounts are low there is little incentive to pay on time. My method allows clients a reasonable amount of time before incurring a late fee charge. I am happy to discuss payment terms in advance.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with my work, you don’t pay my fees. But in such cases, you are responsible for out-of-pocket expenses that you approved in advance. Disputes must be made within one week of invoice date; my guarantee has a reasonable clock on it to limit untimely claw-backs. I can think of only one client who asked for a refund. That was in 2013.

I want happy clients and don’t want money or billing in my head interfering with the creative process of making you successful.

Integrated Resources

Because writing requires research and specialized data and A/V capabilities and because clients deserve resilience, I make significant investments in IT infrastructure and performance.
My 2020 Dell i7-9700 Workstation runs patched and updated Windows 10 Pro, multiple 27" monitors, 32GB RAM and has 500GB SSD internal storage. It uses a Windows Hello security camera / HD webcam and a Blue Yeti mic. My backup device is a 2015 Dell i5 workstation also running Windows 10 Pro.

I use a Surface Pro 7 tablet / mobile PC and iPhone 8 with Outlook Mobile and MFA.

I use a MacBook Air (M1, 2020) but not Pages. Ugh.

I use a high-volume, commercial-grade Fujitsu paper scanner connected to my primary machine.

I often write with a typewriter; I own nine.  

I maintain business-class equipment and technology out of my own pocket: 

  • I pay Microsoft for M365 Business Premium. I don’t rely on free stuff from Google. (I know how to use Google Docs/Slides and do so for some clients.) 

  • I pay Adobe for Creative Suite and use it to produce or edit Annual Reports, product sell-sheets, videos, and sound-tracks. (One of my clients likes my voice for her white board animations that I also write, which says more about how crazy clients can be than it says about my voice talent.) 

  • I pay for Zoom and Teams, so there’s no obstacle to productive meetings. 

  • I pay Dropbox for storage and management options to secure access. 

  • I pay for a professional Power BI account and publish research and business intelligence reports for clients on my own server. 

  • I have MFA and maintain data encryption (at rest and in motion) to protect client data and my own. 

  • I have redundant AT&T Fiber and Spectrum broadband internet service. (soon to be fail-over)

  • I invest in education and reference materials.

I often use Notepad++, IA Writer, and MarkdownPad 2. 



My technology and resources
never an excuse.



Because I write for a living, I don’t keep 9-5 hours and I don’t sit at a desk in my isolated office all the time.

I don’t let Atlassian, Slack, et al interrupt me or control my life. I control my environment to keep my head clear and my work competitive. Clients who require freelancers to chase every squirrel that comes in via Slack or Teams or Skype chats will find me kindly avoiding such enemies to focused productivity. 

I take naps in the afternoon.

Did you know there is a scientific term for “brain freeze?” It’s a thing. I once wrote a technical white paper about clinical trials and scientific discoveries tied to sleep. Scientists don’t know much about sleep but have proven that thus far the only reliable means to achieve new thought patterns and brain function is to sleep well!

Client Confidentiality and IT Security

Client confidentiality is a very high priority to me. I am happy to sign Non-disclosure Agreements and usually offer to sign it before clients think to ask. I can provide a good one at a moment's notice.


I am scrupulous about protecting sensitive information. I separate client documents and isolate them from personal documents.


I do not share work product without permission. Much of my work can not be shared with prospective clients. As a result, my portfolio reflects very few examples of my actual work.

 I am diligent in adhering to a modern IT security policy. I use a password manager to generate and store strong passwords. Passwords are not shared with others, nor do I use a single password more than once. All my sensitive storage and computing devices are protected by Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

All this to say....

I aspire to be a
creative professional
consistent value to clients
seeking growth & opportunity.

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