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Get the OOMPF you need to fix marketing problems.

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OOMPF is the framework for powerful marketing!

the quality of being exciting or energetic: 'he showed entrepreneurial oompf.' 

OOMPF is a marketing brief.

It is a document that contains all this and more:

  1. information about your target audience: what it knows and thinks about the product/service category, what it wants, needs, and worries about.

  2. a brief discussion of product or service categories in the context of the competitive offerings.

  3. ladder(s) or a hierarchy (-ies) of abstractions to suggest marketing concepts.

  4. a synthesis of those key details in the form of one or more proposed positioning statements.

  5. a one-page diagram of your go-to-market strategy.


OOMPF takes a lot of work to produce. It is based on decades of applied marketing science. It takes the better part of two weeks to complete.

Just as business intelligence informs executive decisions, market intelligence should inform marketing & sales campaigns.

For companies who want to solve their marketing problems, OOMPF is just the thing to help get marketing out of the ditch and back on track for business success.

Bring OOMPF to your strategy. Choose your package.

Bring renewed power and purpose to your go-to-market strategy with my Market Positioning Framework. 

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What you don't know about
could be the difference between 
and that other thing.

Gartner thinks CEOs should revisit positioning, and doubled-down on their guidance in August, 2023. 

What is positioning? Positioning is what you do to the mind of your target audience.

The science behind positioning is well-known, and evidence about its effectiveness as a go-to-market strategy keeps piling up. You can read more about it in countless marketing textbooks.  

How can you put positioning to work?

Use it to narrow your market focus, pick the right words, design the right buying triggers.

How much is it worth?

What would it cost to bring a 10x ROI? That's what it should cost. But it doesn't. You can get your customized strategic marketing framework with positioning statement starting at only $2,500.

For more than 15 years I've helped clients develop their growth strategy via thoughtful copywriting. I know the value of a good positioning statement, and I know how to help clients refine and expand on what they already have.

Marketing VP, NJ

"Wow. The idea alone was worth the money. We had not considered changing our 'category.'"


"You nailed it." 

Agency Creative Director, FL

"Awesome. You helped get our creative team out of the ditch. And the client could not be happier."

Pick Your OOMPF

Choose the package with the right ethical balance between Reward & Investment in your company.


Starter Package - $2,500

This basic Market Positioning Framework is built from what you tell me about your market and what I may already know about your market and industry.

Takes ~2 weeks to complete.


Executive Package - $7,500

Starter package plus high-level research about the prospects and competition as well as copy concepts for sales enablement materials.

Takes  ~5 weeks to complete.


Entrepreneurial Package - $15k+

Executive package plus a custom research package and/or copywriting for landing pages, email campaigns, sell sheets, et al.

Call for pricing and schedule.

My NO-RISK Guarantee

I refund all my fees if my clients aren't happy. But before you read my billing policy, remember -- my creative brief will get your marketing out of the ditch. And it costs a lot less than failure.


Read about my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee here.

Send a note to schedule a free initial consultation here or skip the note and book an appointment.

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